My Minecraft Life | "Rooftop Fight!" (S2: Ep. 8 Minecraft Roleplay)

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Pink confronts Akito and challenges him to a fight. What will be the outcome?

Welcome to "My Minecraft Life" Season 2! This series follows the events
of a girl named Pink! Around her are her friends and family. In this season
there will be lot's of twist and turns and well.. drama. Lot's a drama
happened in the last season so let's see what will happen this season!


Emma's Voice-
Jacob's Voice- The Rising Omega:
Ryan's Voice- MushyMushroom:
Lucas Voice- Matthew Knight:
Mary's Voice- Madilizxd:
Patrick's Voice- BossLetsPlays:
Amber's Voice- RawrKittyPanda:
Ethan's Voice- SladeBlade:
Izzy's Voice- SuperRayMC:
Kiko's Voice- AprilDreams:
Hikaru's Voice- Kyotosomo:
Akito's Voice- itsSoulful-
Akito's Gang Member- Kaguno:

Twitter: @ThePinkDD
Instagram: @ThePinkDD

Thumbnail Artist- TylerFOCUS:

Outro Song-
Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

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